• CCNA……Passed!

    Posted on March 10, 2012 by in Certifications


    Well there I was tuesday morning (exam booked for 10:30am) up since 6am (as i’ve got some damn viral throat infection), so i’ve not had the best nights sleep (2 hours…), and i’m literally crapping myself….5 weeks of non stop studying, virtual lab’ing, hands on labs, reading, writing notes, watching revision videos and it all came down to this…

    Added pressure that no one at work who had sat the exam had passed it first time, (added pressure or maybe less pressure?) either way once I was in and sat down and the heart had stopped pounding at a rate of knots I just got on with it.
    And I think I let out the biggest sign of relief when it came up saying “congratulations” well that’s all I could do as I had no voice!.

    For anyone who is looking to sit it, my biggest advice is to READ the question, and understand it. I spent most of my time writing down the questions so that I could understand them in my head, as reading them off the screen I was left thinking what the hell?.

    Another good piece of advice I was once given was if there is an area or area(s) which you think “I hope I don’t get tested on that in the exam”, then you are not ready for the exam. Of all the topics in the CCNA the one I still haven’t got my head round (but am going to spend the next few weeks making sure I do) is IPv6, that is the only topic I thought I hope they don’t ask me more than a few basic questions as I’ll be stuck. Luckily for me, I only got one question and I believe it was about a link local address, but other wise ACL’s, OSPF, EIGRP, NAT, RIP, Static Routes, IP Addressing, Summarization, Frame Relay, Wireless it was all there!

    One thing I will say is I did enjoy the simulations they give you. I really wish Microsoft would do something similar, as it’s a real world sense of break fix. They give you a scenario, give you access to 2 or 3 routers and say, traffic is not flowing correctly FIX IT. It’s then down to you to use your knowledge to fix it. Actually really liked these as at the end of the day thats what your going to be doing in the real world.

    I would have loved to on my Exchange 2010 exams been asked (even simple things) like configure a DAG, configure a active sync policy to block X application for a user, or restrict the user of the camera. Simple things, but tasks you will perform in the real world.

    I’m going to (when I get some time) post up some labs I created, and i’ll also break some labs so if you are interested you can then try and fix them.

    So now thats done, whats next? Well i’m in two minds. do I go CCNA Security route or do I try my luck at the CCNP Routing/Switching.

    That is a decision i’m still making but until then….I best just leave with this simple logo….


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