• CCNA Security…….Passed!

    Posted on September 26, 2012 by in Certifications, Latest News

    I revised, I labbed, I blogged, I sat, I conquered….

    Today was the day of reckoning for me, for today was the day I’d sit my CCNA Security exam.

    Going in to this exam, I knew kind of what to expect (from sitting the CCNA), and was fairly confident as I’d done a fair amount of revising as well as blogged/tutorials (so many to write up in the coming weeks I’ve just not got round to doing yet!), but you never know the outcome.

    I always have at the back of my mind the situation “what happens if it locks up when you click end exam”, would I break down and cry?, would I sit it again…luckily this didn’t happen.

    Obviously I can’t comment on the questions, but in my personal opinion I found this exam easier than the CCNA.

    I think the CCNA (single exam) has SO much to cram in the amount of topics you have to cover and revise is a mountain compared to this. Plus if you are doing the CCNA its most likely “cisco” is new to you, and like everything the hardest things to learn are “new things”.

    Plus you have a greater understanding anyway doing the CCNA then going in to sit this so I think that all adds to it.

    So once again, that’s another exam down and now it’s time to decide where I’m heading next….The route I’ll be going is the CCNP route, just need to decide if it’s switching and routing or CCNP Security route I want to go down first, most likely it will be the CCNP Routing and Switching route, so I’m sure in the coming months I’ll be blogging and sharing many tutorials as the CCNP will most likely start to send me grey….

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  1. Michael kors says:

    thank you for the information, very to the point and well written.

  2. Pausch says:

    What time frame would you allow yourself to sit the CCNA security?

  3. Giuseppina says:

    Congratulations, going on your previous articles you seem very knowledgeable. good luck in the future

  4. Dtak says:

    Thank you for the writeup. I’d be interest to know more about this could I email you?

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