• *How To* Integrate Windows 8 “Metro” with Exchange Server

    Posted on December 3, 2012 by in Latest News, Troubleshooting, Tutorials

    Should be a match made in heaven right!?

    Maybe it’s just me, but I was expecting a bit better integration with Windows 8 and a domain/exchange environment.

    Especially as after installing Windows 8 you are presented with their new start menu “Metro”.

    As soon as windows 8 boots you are presented with a screen filled with tiles and the first few being: Mail, People and Calendar.

    When I first beta tested this, I thought to myself great, maybe when I join the machine to a domain environment it will automatically configure these tiles for me. Thus allowing me to quickly view my calendar/contacts/mail.

    But I was wrong…..unfortunately this doesn’t automatically happen and after reading a fair few tech net articles it looked like it wasn’t even possible (how could this not be possible I thought?).

    Well as I didn’t want to drop it I thought there HAD to be a work around for this and so I set out to find one. Luckily I’ve found a way to integrate these tiles with a domain environment/Exchange Server environment. (After all if they are pushing these to be rolled out to tablets, it makes sense to have your exchange calendar view-able on it right!?).

    Without further ado, let’s proceed!

    From the start menu / metro screen first we need to click on the mail icon

    Try entering your exchange email/password, as you’ll see (this is what I originally did) it doesn’t work.

    Instead you need to use an email address which is already registered with Microsoft. If you haven’t got one then you will need to sign up for a Microsoft account using your existing email address.

    Once we re-enter the address it now goes through and asks me to confirm the details for this email address.

    Here’s the important part, once you’ve added this initial account you can now press the Windows Key + I to bring up the charm menu and there it is! An option to add in an exchange account

    Let’s select that and fill out the details

    NOTE: If you don’t have a trusted SSL certificate installed you will need to install the self-signed certificate on to your computer.

    To do this browse to the location of the self-signed certificate (if its SBS server it can be found here: \\mrsbs01\public\download\certificate distribution package\)

    Click InstallCertificate, and then click OK and finish.

    Now go back to your mail settings and click Next, this time it should successfully add in the exchange account for you, and now when you bring up the metro screen you will notice it now displays your exchange calendar, mail and contacts.

    There we have it, full exchange integration on your Windows 8 Laptop/Desktop/Tablet…

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