• MCSA 2011 (A free certification!?)

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    Ever get that feeling that maybe you study to much….(no me either!), or so I thought.

    It’s no secret i’m a big geek at heart, and love learning about new technology’s/studying for new certifications, and I must say it’s not often I qualify for a new certification based purely on passing a load of previous exams already but as I discovered a couple of weeks ago this is the case for me.

    Randomly I get an email through from Microsoft “Congratulations on your latest certification” (you know the emails, you get them every time you pass an exam…That’s weird I thought, unless I did it my sleep i’m almost certain i’ve not taken any MS exams in the last month.

    Out of interest I log in to my MCP profile and sure enough there it is, on my transcript and with a nice new flashy logo to use as well. How nice!

    After a bit of reading on the Microsoft site it seems that once again Microsoft have changed/updated their certifications and have introduced these new certifications which appear to be more “cloud” based.

    So as i’m already an MCITP:SA I qualify for the MCSA:Server 2008

    I guess this is Microsoft going down the CCNA sort of route with an “entry level” certification. Effectively replacing MCP > MCTS > MCITP, it now seems to be MCSA > MCSE > MCSM (with the MCSM exam involving a lab (much like the cisco exams!)

    Which if we look at the diagram below MS are effectively going the route of Cisco with CCNA > CCNP > CCIE

    I don’t know about you but I wonder how long before this becomes dated and they change their certification structure again!?

    Oh well until then, I guess it’s nice to get something for free……

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