My idea for this part of the site is fairly simple, provide tutorials, labs, problems (mainly to help me revise!) but you are more than welcome to take a look/download and try yourself!

I’ve often said the best way to learn is to get “hand’s on”, it really is the best way to learn.

All the latest tutorials can be seen on the right, but if you are looking for all the tutorials in once place please click here

It’s not all tutorials and “boring” geek stuff!, I’m also going to try and provide hints, tips and things I come across day to day working. I guess things like powershell scripts, how do to things (simple setup DHCP on a cisco) to something more advanced. (Pretty much anything I think might be useful for others as well as me to revise!).

I will try to provide as much detail, with commands, explanations as possible but in some tutorials, for example break fix labs, I would expect you to have some basic knowledge, e.g in the diagram below I’m not going to explain every single part (especially in some of the more advanced topics), because hey you’re clever and I’m sure you can work it out :p (in fact the below was a fairly simple lab I built whilst revising for the CCNA)